Huma Ahmed

Huma Ahmed
Huma Ahmed finished her MBA from LUMS and has 15 years of outline experience, likewise having intended for UKNY in the United States and Rowena Bistrow in the United Kingdom. She has shown in material fairs as far and wide as possible, for example, the Premier Vision in Paris, HeimTextil in Frankfurt and Surtex in New York, increasing profitable outline experience and presentation.
A celebrated and prestigious designer Huma Ahmed has as of late Huma Ahmeddispatched her creator yard entitled 'Mausummery', and 'The Pure Print Collection'. Mausummery is known Pakistani yard design complete. MauSummery By Huma Ahmed was established in 2011 by one in every of the 2 business visionary of MauSummery style complete. Huma Ahmad inits author and he or she incorporates a pleasant ability amid this respects.
In keeping with the brands' dedication to bringing great fabrics, adaptable outlines and dynamic hues, Mausummery's unadulterated print accumulation is a combination of every one of the three while holding their essential rationality of conveying singularity of style to every print.

Mausummery by Huma Ahmed

Mausummery head designer Huma Ahmad said that the brand was propelled after dynamic and brilliant spring blossom in a state of harmony with the brand mantra, rediscover the magnificence of hues. This motivation and mantra remained a piece of the Mausummery ethos till today, with spotlight on the mixture and energy of hues, she included.
She further said that amid the most recent 15 years, she had continually found and rediscovered her stylish via investigating plans and shading patterns to keep her outlines crisp and open yet holding their mark configuration style and for her, the current year's accumulation was about the combination of societies from around the globe; a combination that was spoken to in every part of the outline of the outskirts, the channeling, the weavings and the fabric.


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